[mythtv-users] Hardware ideas

David myth at dgreaves.com
Thu Jun 24 17:25:11 EDT 2004

David Brieck Jr. wrote:

>>I would like to buy an overture because it's the only destop case  which
>>support atx and look good. but i have seen a lot of user not really
>>happy with it. (because  not very quiet expescially the power).
>>Can you tell me what you really use whit it ? did you use an lcd ?
>>I would like to use this one
>>http://www.crystalfontz.com/products/633/index.html#CFA633TMCKS (in
>>blue) in which materiel 5.25 " bay are they ?
>>the 3.5" bay look good even if i don't use them ?
>>What kind of dvd drive did you use that go well with overture (look
>>point of view and quiet)
>I don't find it that loud at all. The power supply fan in temperature
>sensitive as well as the case fan. I think the key is the variable
>speed CPU fan. It's generally what makes the most noise in a case. I
>also make sure I clean the filter for the power supply to make sure it
>runs cool.
>It is a little deeper than it appears so make sure you have enough
>room for it. It would have fit in just fine if I didn't need to plug
>in all the cables on the back. I ended up cutting through the thin
>black cardboard of the back of my entertainment center to make enough
>depth. Come to think of it, that also might help with sound since the
>backend is vented out the back.
>I think it's probably the best case you can get for your money. You
>could spend 3 times as much on a PVR case and i don't think you'd get
>3 times as much for your money.
I like my antec overture too.

And the minuet is fantastic for a frontend only :)


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