[mythtv-users] RE: mythtv-users Digest, Vol 17, Issue 92

Dudley Atkinson dudley at jdatkinson.net
Thu Jun 24 15:43:44 EDT 2004

Hi all....

I could use some wisdom with my latest issue.....  The hardware works great
with a Hauppauge PVR-350 that will cat to/from file, tune correctly, you
name it (manually).  I like MythTV, but I'm hitting some walls and could use
some advice.  All of these problems are within MythTV on a hardware-working
system that tests manually clean.  MythTV 15 (latest but not CVS).

Also, MythWeb worked find to record a program.
The system will playback recorded programs to X on monitor fine using
But I want the playback to come from the good-quality PVR-350 output.

First hurdle:
  I want to playback TV, and when I select the recorded program, it starts
for about 4 seconds and then locks up.  I can <esc> and exit the video.
Repeats get same result.  No log messages to explain the behavior.

Second hurdle:
  Once I recorded the show, I selected in MythTV to watch live TV, but it
would not let me, saying that all input devices were busy recording, please
delete the recorded items.  How do I get the system to let me watch live TV?
It wasn't recording at the time of the messages, and it continued to behave
this way even when I deleted the recorded program.

Thanks for your help!
I've got the v2 PVR-350 and a lot of experience with it in an nVidia system
now, so I'm ready to help in return!


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