[mythtv-users] Re: DirecTV HD Recivers and MythTV

DacidBadada at netscape.net DacidBadada at netscape.net
Wed Jun 23 18:44:48 EDT 2004

Hi Geoff,
    I'm in a similar situation as you.  I've got a Samsung SIR-75 
DirecTV box (non-HDTV) that I've been trying to get working for a few months now.  I'm using the Actisys IR blaster as well.  
    I found a script for a similar Samsung DirecTV model (SIR-300W) 
that came in the Lirc remote config bundle.  This gave me some hope since
 I have the SIR-300W as well, and the remotes are identical as well as interchangable.  Unfortunately, irw showed nothing when using the Lirc remote script.
    Then I tried the irrecord route (like you did), but only a button or two actually shows up (like you).
    My plans from here:
       * Do a sanity check on the Actisys - try to get it to send 
commands to something else (TV, whatever)
       * try lirc-0.7.0pre6
       * Recompile lirc with debug, submit to the lirc developers, and pray that someone actually has the time/interest to look into it
    Sorry I don't have any solutions, but at least you're not alone :)
    I posted here awhile ago on this issue, and someone said that they had it working.
    (Just do a search on my posts to find it)

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