[mythtv-users] search.php in MythWeb

Joel Anderson myth at jobless.ca
Wed Jun 23 12:01:41 EDT 2004

> Just wondering if the sort options in search.php are a wrok in
> progress or if I just dont have them working. Basically I can sort
> "Scheduleed Recordings" etc by clicking the heading links for the
> column (program, station airdate, etc) but after a search when I try
> sorting by column I get a null page.
> Just wondering if its me  :)

You need to configure MythWeb, as cookies will not work by default if you
don't use a FQDN to hit your web server.  Note that you need to make sure
your web server allows the .htaccess file to do it's thing for some other
features to work properly.  See the comments in mythweb/config/conf.php, and
also read mythweb/README.

BTW, this was covered on the list not too long ago, so next time you might
try a quick search of the archive first.


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