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On Tue, 22 Jun 2004, David Huseby wrote:

> Oh, that makes sense.  The priority is about improving latency for time
> critical data rather than high bandwidth.  Thanks for the tip.

Correct - QoS queuing usually works by maintaining separate queues for 
each priority level.  When the network interface wants some data to send 
it will check the high priority queus first.  So if the high priority 
queues always have data in the low priority queues will be suspended 
indefinately.  For stuff like SSH the queue will be empty most of the 
time, giving the low priority stuff a chance.  If you schedule a high 
bandwidth application to a high priority queue it will gain the small 
amount of bandwidth that would've been used by your interactive sessions, 
but then of course your interactive stuff will get no bandwidth at all.

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