[mythtv-users] Quick Nforce2 audio tip (OSS, i810_audio)

Gregory J. McGee gjmcgee at cableone.net
Wed Jun 23 01:33:41 EDT 2004

I was having issues with nuvexport and avidemux2 with audio sync, and
started googling, reading the driver source etc, and came up with the
solution, which has likely been covered before...

In modprobe.conf (for 2.6x) (or modules.conf for 2.4 kernels) add the

"option i810_audio clocking=48000"
(without the quotes)

If you DON'T set that option, the ALC650 will put out some semi random
frequency, like 47360 in my case.(FIC AU11 mainboard)

You may still not always get 48000 reported... mythtranscode and
avidemux2 still report 44100, mythtv is all set for 48000, but now it
all works, save for nuxexport not actually creating the temp directories
it needs, but I digress. 

Mythtv works fine,set to 48000. No chipmunks.

I do not know if ALSA has a similar issue, I gave up on ALSA+mythtv long

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