[mythtv-users] frontend runs mythfilldatabase?

Brian LeFevre blefevre at ida.net
Tue Jun 22 23:19:15 EDT 2004

Matt White wrote:
> Chris Petersen wrote:
>> I don't use mythfrontend very often.  When I do, it's from my
>> workstation so that I can edit out commercials.  After finding out that
>> I could set up mythfilldatabase to automatically be run my mythtv, I
>> assumed that this meant the BACKEND.  I opened up mythfrontend on my box
>> (no backend), configured it to run mythfilldatabase and figured that all
>> was well.
>> Well, on a whim, I popped open the "backend status" in mythweb, and it
>> told me that it had been almost 2 weeks since mythfilldatabase had been
>> run.  Odd, I thought.  I checked the config, and it is still set to
>> run.  However, when I checked the mythfrontend on the backend box, it
>> was NOT set to run.
>> Is there any way to let people know which settings are "universal" and
>> which are set for a specific frontend box?  I had just assumed that
>> "mythfilldatabase" would be attributed to the backend, since there's
>> little need to have every frontend box set up to run it automatically.
> It does actually run on the backend.  I think I know what I did - I used
> a local setting (host-specific) instead of a global one.  The settings
> that the backend look for are the same hostname as the backend.
> I'll fix it up and send in a patch...
> In the meantime, set it to run on the mythfrontend on the backend box,
> and you should be good.

Shouldn't the backend setup program include that option then.  It would 
make more sense in that setup.

I too have set it up.  It is on the same machine that the frontend is 
but I haven't seen it run.  I turn off mythfrontend when I am not 
watchig it so I can use the computer for other stuff.

On the note of setup options.  I changed tv setup to be in the tv 
section of my menu.  that way I don't have to go two levels up and three 
down to "tweak" the recording sections.  Does it make sense to add them 
there?  (I also keep the general setup where it is so I can set 
everything up at once.)  If not is there a way to make the "make 
install" not wipe out all the changes I make everytime I upgrade? (I 
have the menus backed up but it is annoying to copy them back every time 
I refresh from CVS)

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