[mythtv-users] OT: Ivtv questions

David myth at dgreaves.com
Tue Jun 22 12:34:15 EDT 2004

Dex West wrote:

>I’ve got several IVTV specific question, which I
>haven’t got responses to yet.  I’d REALLY appreciate
>any info people can give me here.  I’m trying to
>install and configure a pvr250mce to connect to a dish
>network satellite box.  I also own a bttv model
>capture card which I can get working fine.  I’m
>currently trying to install the pvr250 without the
>bttv card install to avoid conflicts.  I’ve got
>everything basically working I just can’t get the
>picture quality to be any where near reasonable on the
>1.	Is there any documentation for ivtv_ctrl
>(previously test_ctrl)?  
and do you mean ivtvctl?
type it in with no parameters and it will give you lots of help.

>2.	With ivtv_Ctrl how do I set the input to Coax,
>s-video and composite?
composite: ivtvctl -l 1
s-video: ivtvctl -l 2
coax? same as composite: ivtvctl -l 1

>3.	With tv frequencies what is the difference between
>us-cable, us-cable-hr, us-bcast?  What should I be
>using with my dish network?
no idea. sorry.

>4.	What is the module saa7115 for?  Should I use the
>saa8178 (some other # compiled with ivtv)?
This module controls the Philips SAA7115 video decoder driver and is 
responsible for the video decoding.
not sure about a 250mce I think it's the same.

>5.	What is ivtv-fb, and how does it differ from ivtv?
This module allows your ivtv device (PVR350) to act as a framebuffer (eg 
for X or as a console)
You can then use the standard Xorg/XFree86 fbdev but *much* better 
performance is obtained by
using the ivtvfbdev from FIXME.

>6.	I’ve seen reference to setting different settings
>for video0, video1, and video2 when configuring a
>pvr350 what are each of these virtual devices
>associated with?
Good question :)

>My configuration is as follows:
>kernel 2.6.6 built from source with 8k stacks disabled
>Ivtv 0.1.10 90k or so source 
Ah, ok look here: http://www.mythtv.info/moin.cgi/IvTv/PreRelease10Docs
but be warned - they are a work in progress :)


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