[mythtv-users] possible mythvideo improvement?

Xavier Hervy maxpower44 at tiscali.fr
Tue Jun 22 10:49:36 EDT 2004

Craig Tinson wrote:

> Joseph A. Caputo wrote:
>> Not a bad idea; it (or something similar) has been suggested a few 
>> times before.
>> Now all we need is for someone to want it enough to code it.
>> -JAC
>> _______________________________________________
> also.. it would need to be able to decide if a video is actually on it's 
> HD.. or on a DVD.. am presuming in the DB it stores the pathname to the 
> video (must do..obviously).. so if that path is preceded by "/mnt/cdrom" 
> or similar.. then it's obviously on a DVD.. then just need a field in 
> the DB to store the disk #..
> am just running this off the top of my head.. and am probably over 
> simplifying it.. am sure have missed some quite fundamental problems 
> with this idea.. lol
> Regards
> Craig
As I said in the other post, i do this and it works great.
I keep in mind that video can be store on the default location, on a 
CD/DVD or on a usb drive (when mediamonitor will alow it)

this feature need mediamonitor, and work even if you have more than one 
cd/dvd drive (i think i have only one ;-))

I hope to terminate this patch a t the end of this week.


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