[mythtv-users] Re: Homebrew PVR Multi-Circuit

Dan Morphis dan at milkcarton.com
Tue Jun 22 02:25:29 EDT 2004

Steven White wrote:

>  I've been wanting to get my hands dirty in USB, but I think I'll make
>  a RS232 version first since it will be faster to develop. I like the
You could always throw in a pl2303 chip.  From what I understand its a 
really straight forward serial to usb converter.  In fact, its what the 
LCD unit I use has.  The LCD I have is the CwLinux graphical usb LCD.  
Works great.  In fact, it has every feature people want, except the 
ability to receive/send ir signals.


>  idea of having the microcontroller watch for "trigger" IR signals for
>  toggling the LED states and writing to the LCD. The microcontroller
>  could monitor the IR transmit data from the PC and intercept certain
>  signals so that they aren't transmitted, then perform the action. I
>  took a quick glance at the UIRT2 protocol and it looks like this
>  would be possible. I haven't chosen UIRT2 as the way to go yet, it
>  was just a suggestion from early on in this discussion and I need to
>  start somewhere. I should be able to simulate IR receiver data for
>  each button press on the front panel so that they can be mapped to
>  actions such as play, fast forward, rewind, pause, and stop in the
>  LIRC config files. This wouldn't require a custom LIRC driver
Why not send LCD Proc key presses?  You would need to be compatible with 
LCD Proc to have myth send stuff directly to the LCD.  My LCD (the one 
mentioned above) has a 6 button interface on it, I have the buttons 
setup to send stuff that myth can use. 

Please, don't take this as criticism, or as disparagement of your ideas; 
just offering help with the area's that I know.


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