[mythtv-users] Mythtv playback quality poll

Kevin Barsby Kevin.Barsby at Sun.COM
Mon Jun 21 23:38:56 EDT 2004

> That's what is driving me nuts. Something is triggering this selection
> and I don't have it on my system. The VIA HW MPG Decoding doesn't exist
> on any page in my mythfrontend setup. I just tore both systems down so
> that I could combine the equipment all on one box to see if that would
> work any better. Now that I know I need to get that to show up I might
> make some progress.

You might need the via binary driver installed (including libddmpeg) and
then recompile MythTV, either that or a setting at compile time, I don't
know enough about myth compilation to say for definite, I use Gentoo and
that's all hidden away by portage.

Good luck!

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