[mythtv-users] Torrentocracy

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Mon Jun 21 22:07:48 EDT 2004

David Huseby wrote:

>-] Have the recent lawsuits against people who share MP3s made zero 
>-] impression on you? 
>You clearly failed to understand my idea.  I am not sharing shows.  I am
>sharing which shows I have queued up to record.  My friends and I could
>set our Myth box so that it will auto-queue up any shows queued up by
>any of us individually.  It's basically a pooled recording queue where
>multiple people can contribute to what gets recorded on our various
>I queue up: Junkyard Wars, Channel 5 news
>My friend queues up: History Channel Presents
>Both of our Myth boxes will record: Junkyard Wars, Channel 5 news,
>History Channel Presents.
Your problem is that you don't necessarily have the right to then share 
that recording you made with your friend despite the fact that he 
recoreded it for you.   While he could show the recording to you in his 
home, if he were to give you a copy to take to your house, I believe 
(and I could be wrong here), that he would be in violation of his rights 
as it pertains to his recorded copy of that show.  He has the right to 
time-shift it, or even show it to a limited audience of friends 
(assuming he doesn't charge), but sharing the recording is not allowed.  
This is where ReplayTV has gotten into hot water.  This is an old link, 
but it talks about the problems ReplayTV has gotten into about sharing 
(http://www.gigalaw.com/articles/2001-all/isenberg-2001-11-all.html) but 
I think this is still working its way through the courts.


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