[mythtv-users] DVB / deinterlacing setup

Flemming Frandsen ff at partyticket.net
Mon Jun 21 15:46:03 EDT 2004

John Sturgeon wrote:
>> Q1) Does mythtv support simply storing the demuxed mpeg stream from the
>> TS and PVR on disk?
> Nope.  MythTV leaves the MPEG-TS stream intact.  You can use ProjectX to 
> demux it.

Uhm, ok, that works as well, but at around 50Mb/s I'm going to run out 
of bandwidth on the 100Mb/s network pretty quickly:(

Does that mean that each backend always works on the full TS, so a 
frontend would need to do the demux?

If the frontend needs to demux then is ProjectX or some other demuxer 
built in?

> That is correct, but depending on how much data three DVB streams would 
> write, you might want to consider disk I/O a possible bottleneck.

Well, it would be around 150-200 Mb/s, so I guess I'm going to put in a 
Gigabit link between the fileserver and the backend box.

>> Q7) Is it possible to place a DVD drive on another machine than the 
>> front end?
> nfs is your friend.

Well, it's the lesser of n evils at least:)

> That's about all I have, I hope other folks can fill in the rest for you.

Thanks for your input.

  Regards Flemming Frandsen - http://dion.swamp.dk
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