[mythtv-users] Torrentocracy

Shay - MythTV mythtv at highstyleweb.com
Mon Jun 21 13:21:53 EDT 2004

It will.. but keep in mind this is a Plug-In, not a feature..  MythTV, in 
no way, needs to support it.

At 09:48 AM 6/21/2004, you wrote:
>I just hope this doesnt cast a negotive light on mythtv as a uber easy way 
>to get warez/porn/and music while sitting on your couch..
>Shay - MythTV wrote:
>>I think its great!  I was thinking of doing the same thing but haven't 
>>had the time.  I've found myself downloading most shows via torrent 
>>lately vs recording them..  why?  quality for one.. most of the torrent 
>>shows are HDTV recorded.. after compression, the quality is still better 
>>than I've been getting on my MythTV..   Also, no commercials..
>>The only downside that I've found with torrents is length of time to 
>>download..  but I never watch a show the same night it was broadcast 
>>anyways, so that doesn't matter.. and with the plugin I'd probably have 
>>most shows the next night..
>>At 08:11 AM 6/21/2004, you wrote:
>>>I'm sure you've all probably seen this but I just thought I'd ask what you
>>>all think about it?
>>>-- Andrew
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