[mythtv-users] Autologin with gdm

Stephen Longhurst steve at longsteve.com
Mon Jun 21 06:30:02 EDT 2004

>>I've been starting up X, using XFCE as a window manager and running
>>mythfrontend manually up till now.  I did an emerge gdm (Gentoo) the
>>other day and ran it to see if I could get an autologin setup now I've
>>got X and things happy on my TV.  When I log in from the gdm greeter
>>though, it says something about not having Gnome and just gives me an
> I'm assuming you've set up your default session at xfce? Not used GDM, but
> it might define a default session of GNOME first.
> Open up /etc/rc.conf and change the variable to XSESSION="xfce" or whatever
> it happens to be called. You can get a list of all your possible sessions
> if you ls /etc/X11/Sessions
> If you want X and your login manager to start up automatically, you need to
> do rc-update add xdm default, after editing your /etc/rc.conf do that
> DISPLAYMANAGER="gdm". Then XDM will start on boot.

Thanks for all the help, that did the trick.  gdm was trying to find
Gnome, but from the main login (greeter) screen, you can select a
different session, XFCE4 in my case, and set it as the default.

> That should do it. It should also be in the gentoo docs...! I dunno how to
> configure the autologin though.

The autologin can be done using gdm-setup, and was very simple (it's a
graphical tool).

> I'm trying to do the same thing using xdm and fluxbox, but it's a world of
> pain. It seems the only login managers that'll let you do autologin are kdm
> and gdm, neither of which I want to use.

gdm was very easy once I'd found the right way to set it up.  Emerging
it wasn't too painful either, it just required some additional
libraries first.  I would make like easy and go with gdm, unless you
have a good reason for wanting to stick with xdm.



Stephen Longhurst
iomo ltd.

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