[mythtv-users] OT: Channel Icons

Greg greg.d at cwgsy.net
Fri Jun 18 17:42:42 EDT 2004

I used wget to get all of the UK logo's. Not entirely should what the
command was but it wasn't too different from one of the ones in the help
file. Just had to run it 16 times, once for each page of icons, only took a
few minutes and seemed a bit easier than trying to write something to do it.


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> >Wow!  That satlogo page is awesome.  Any chance someone out 
> there could 
> >write a little bash script to pull in those icons automaticly?
> >
> >I'd try it, but my bash-fu is weak as of yet.  I think there 
> is an icon 
> >grabing script out there that could be modified.
> I don't think it'll be that simple. If you look at the image 
> URI's, you'll see that there's not really a set method of 
> grouping them. You'd either need to know you wanted 
> bbc1_south.jpg or the script would have to figure out what 
> the image was called from you saying "it starts with an a" 
> and then saying "bbc1_south". If you mucked up, it wouldn't 
> pull down an image at all.
> I'll have a fiddle with wget sometime later and see how 
> impossible it is...

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