[mythtv-users] Jared, Axel, Issac, LIRC and the Actisys 200L IR Blaster

Charles Lavin myth at charleylavin.com
Fri Jun 18 16:37:03 EDT 2004

On Fri, 2004-06-18 at 06:41, Scott Schuster wrote:
> I'm a humble Linux and Mythtv newbie. I have, after some steep learning, successfuly built a mythtv PVR 250 all-in-one system by following Jared's guide, and using Axel's RPMs. The Hauppauge grey remote works -- I'm all good with "analog cable." Mythtv 15.1 works great. 
> Trouble is, I have Comcast digital cable and want to change channels on the settop box(I could not get the serial cable to work). I just got the Actisys 200L IR blaster in the post -- here's my question. Do I need to remove the working LIRC module I got from Axel and compile a new one to be able to use the change-channel script for my DCT2000?  If yes, how do I best approach that task without hosing up my lovely creation? 
> I've googled extensively and can't sort out the right approach. Any suggestions? What additional info must I provide? 
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I used the following directions taken from the LIRC Mailing List:

 Actually I just did this last week.  It wasn"t that hard, but is kinda
 kludgey.  You have to compile a second copy of lirc using different
 major device number, dev directory, localstate dir, and prefix.
 My normal lirc install with --prefix=/usr/local is used for my homebrew
 IR receiver with lirc_serial on com2.  I also have an Actisys IR200L on
 com1, so I rerun ./setup.sh and configure it for that device, save
 configuration and exit.
 Then I ran configure.sh this way (note configure.sh, not configure):
    ./configure.sh --prefix=/usr/local/lirc-xmit --localstatedir=/usr/local/lirc-xmit/var
--with-devdir=/usr/local/lirc-xmit/dev --with-major=62
 After make install, create these directories under /usr/local/lirc-xmit:
 var/log/, var/run/, and dev/.  Then, in the .../lirc-xmit/dev directory,
 mknod lirc c 62 0.
 So, in my case, I am able to load both lirc_serial and lirc_sir because
 they don"t use the same major device number.  I load
 /usr/local/sbin/lircd normally, and then create a new config file for
 lirc-xmit under /etc called lircd-xmit.conf.  Then I load
 /usr/local/sbin/lirc-xmit/sbin/lircd /etc/lirc-xmit.conf.
 When I want to use my IR transmitter, I make sure I don"t use
 /usr/local/bin/irw but rather /usr/local/lirc-xmit/bin/irw.  Everything
 works fine.

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