[mythtv-users] Autologin with gdm

Stephen Longhurst steve at longsteve.com
Fri Jun 18 08:04:59 EDT 2004


I hope this isn't too off topic, sorry if it is.

I've been starting up X, using XFCE as a window manager and running
mythfrontend manually up till now.  I did an emerge gdm (Gentoo) the
other day and ran it to see if I could get an autologin setup now I've
got X and things happy on my TV.  When I log in from the gdm greeter
though, it says something about not having Gnome and just gives me an

Does anyone know how to configure gdm to log my mythtv user in so that
I just get X with XFCE as a window manager?



Stephen Longhurst
steve at longsteve.com

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