[mythtv-users] One machine for it all or Xbox frontend, andProgram Guide outside US

Ron Pool amp1 at cornell.edu
Fri Jun 18 07:57:32 EDT 2004

On Fri, 18 Jun 2004, Scott Nicholson wrote:
> > OK. I've been looking at the Hauppage cards (the 250 and the 350), and it
> > seems like one of the main differences is that the 350 has TV and svideo
> > outputs as well, correct? So, I assume that if I'm going to use an xbox
> > for the frontend, I have no reason to go for the 350 instead of the 250,
> > correct?
> Correct. The only difference between the two cards is that the 350 has an
> MPEG _Decoder_ in addition to the _Encoder_, so it can be used to playback
> the recorded video files with minimal CPU usage. If you won't be playing
> video on the backend there's absolutely no reason to spend the extra money
> on the 350.

The PVR-350 also has an FM tuner, but the FM tuner isn't supported by any
MythTV modules, at least not yet.
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