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Roberto Resoli resoli at tiscali.it
Fri Jun 18 03:12:51 EDT 2004

If this can be useful to someone, i'm using an Epia 10k with a 
Sereniti 2000  (inexpensive) case. I replaced both fans, 
PSU and CPU, with low noise ones . 
My frontend is also almost not audible in normal use conditions.

Kevin Barsby wrote:
> Hi,
> Firstly please post new messages as a new message, don't reply to an
> existing thread.
> > I plan to build a pvr based upon a fanless via epia me6000 and an hauppauge
> > 350.
> > Is it powerful enough to use all the features of mythtv ?
> Possibly, with the tv-out through the 350 then main features should be
> ok, you'll need to research DVD playback though as I think people have
> had issues with this through the 350.
> You might have problems with complex music visualisations and mythgame,
> as they both need hardware accelerated graphics.
> > If not, shall I choose the Nehemiah version or even a celeron ?
> I have a hush pc which has no fans in and it makes no more noise than an
> VCR (hard disk). The EPIA 10k Nehemiah has mpeg2 decoding on board, so a
> popular choice seems to be one of those and a PVR-250, then use the
> TV-out on the MB (supported in Myth, Viaexp (hacked xine), and I think
> there is now a plug-in for normal Xine using the OS unichrome X drivers.
> Hardware acceleration works for me (using Via binary drivers, haven't
> tried Unichrome yet...), MythMusic with 1/2 scaled Goom plugin +
> recording TV (PVR-350) = 60% CPU. People have reported mpeg4 playback on
> these boards also runs ok.
> > Is the celeron's original fan much noisier than the C3s ?
> Pass, most people throttle their CPU fans to quieten them down, I'
> definitely recommend a fanless case... Using an EPIA board also gives
> you the option os a fanless PSU, not sure about Celerons here...
> Kev
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