[mythtv-users] One machine for it all or Xbox frontend, and Program Guide outside US

Anders Lindgren dugdale at sm.luth.se
Fri Jun 18 01:55:13 EDT 2004

Thanks for the info, I'm very much leaning towards the "cheap PC for
backend/Xbox for frontend" solution. A few more questions.

On Wed, 16 Jun 2004, Scott Nicholson wrote:

> As far as encoders go, you can either get cheap BTTV-based cards and a hefty
> CPU, or you can get hardware MPEG encoders (the PVR-250s are the most
> popular) and get by with a pretty weak CPU (mine's an Athlon 1200).

OK. I've been looking at the Hauppage cards (the 250 and the 350), and it
seems like one of the main differences is that the 350 has TV and svideo
outputs as well, correct? So, I assume that if I'm going to use an xbox
for the frontend, I have no reason to go for the 350 instead of the 250,

> > * It seems like it might be harder to stay completely up-to-date with this
> > solution, and it might be harder to run any custom software that might be
> > wanted.
> When .15 came out a week or two ago, it was only a matter of a day or two
> before the xbox packages were available. If that's too long to wait, you can
> always compile it yourself, assuming you're fairly handy with Linux.

Hummm... Two days seems like a fairly reasonable wait. :)


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