[mythtv-users] Problems restoring .nuv's w/o backup database

Phill Wiggin wigginp at mantech-wva.com
Thu Jun 17 10:22:19 EDT 2004

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I've got a short question, and hope someone can help me out with it.
I've searched the archives and found a related item or two, but nothing
that gives any solution.

Short question: Is there a way to re-insert (PVR-250, default recording
type) .nuv file information back into the database and have MythTV play
them back correctly?  (I have .nuv files from an old install, but no db

Could it be a lack of GOP in recordedmarkup?
If so, is there a way to restore the GOP data from the .nuv files

mythcommflag doesn't seem to reinsert the GOP markers into
recordedmarkup; it just hangs at 99%.

Phill W.


If you'd like all the background, here's the long explaination:

I recently upgraded to MythTV .15-1 and everything new is working fine.
However, I've got a problem with my previous recordings.  My database
crashed when I was using .14 (thus, I upgraded to .15), and I wasn't
able to save any of the information in it, so I was left with only my
.nuv files.  After installing .15, I managed to do some scripting and
get my nuv's information back in the recorded table and set the cutlist
field to 0.

I'm hoping my problems are related and have a simple fix. Here they are:

Problem 1:

~   Whenever I try to fast-forward a recording, the time-length jumps
around erratically, the video stream hangs, and after a few (5-10)
seconds, the video continues (usually skipping the 30 seconds it's
supposed to).

Problem 2:

~   I had this problem with a previous reinstall, but at that point, I
had a backup of my database (it was a planned reinstall).

~   I figured it probably had something to due with a lack of entries in
the recordedmarkup table, so I ran mythcommflag on one file as a test.
Unfortunately, it hung at 99%.  I tried it on several other recovered
files and it hangs on each one. This behaviour seems to be the same as
I found at:
http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/users/55040#55040 , but
there weren't any responses to that person's email.

~   A random few of my recovered .nuv's will play and fast-forward
correctly.  I can't be completely sure, but I think these are files
recorded with by bttv card in either RTJPEG or MPEG4 (depending on the
profile they were recorded under).

mythcommflag reports:
2004-06-15 19:50:03 mythcommflag version: 0.15.20040525-1 www.mythtv.org
2004-06-15 19:50:03 Enabled verbose msgs :all

MythTV Commercial Flagging, started at Tue Jun 15 19:50:03 2004

Flagging commercial breaks for:
ChanID  Start Time      Title                                      Breaks
- ------  --------------  -----------------------------------------  ------
1051    20040423203000  Recovered Shows
2004-06-15 19:50:03 Interlaced: -1  video_height: 480  fps: 29.97
2004-06-15 19:50:03 Estimated bitrate = 192000
Input #0, mpeg, from '/myth/tv/1051_20040423203000_20040423210000.nuv':
~ Stream #0.0: Video: mpeg2video, 352x480, 29.97 fps
~ Stream #0.1: Audio: mp2, 48000 Hz, stereo, 192 kb/s
2004-06-15 19:50:03 Commercial Detection initialized: width = 352,
height = 480, fps = 29.97, method = 1
2004-06-15 19:50:03 Image size. dispxoff 0, dispyoff: 0, dispwoff: 0,
disphoff: 0
2004-06-15 19:50:03 Image size. imgx 0, imgy: 0, imgw: 352, imgh: 480

(and hangs)

So, can anyone help?

Thanks in advance!

- --Phill W.
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