[mythtv-users] Re: Mythtv playback quality poll

Chris Vargas ceenvee at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 17 09:17:28 EDT 2004

--- garry at sneakyninja wrote:
> >Is someoune achieving a mythtv playback 
> >substantially not distinguishable 
> >from standard tv broadcast with hardware 
> >similar to mine? 
> I run a pvr-250 with the same settings as yours, 
> although on a Pundit running both back and 
> frontend. I am having the same issues, with live 
> TV not being as fluid as 'normal' TV. 

One thing to keep in mind is the issue of interlacing.
'Normal' TV is interlaced, and the MPEG2 recordings
that the PVR-250/350 makes are interlaced.

Unfortunately, many (most?) video cards' TV outs do
not preserve or pass-through the interlacing... that,
and/or the drivers that are currently available don't
preserve the interlacing. (I believe that the nVidia
drivers for Linux don't currently support it, for

Unless the interlacing is preserved, things like
sports and live video will not look 'normal.'

Deinterlacing is fine for computer monitor playback
and for progressive-scan TVs, but for everything else,
it will affect the overall look and make everything
seem film-like (even if it's supposed to be live video).

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