[mythtv-users] Who's got the smallest?

Josh Burks jburks at mktinsights.com
Wed Jun 16 14:52:54 EDT 2004

That would be awesome! It would be the FC version of Knoppmyth (only 
better, IMHO).

In the words of Homer Simpson:
Mmmmm... uber-optimized kickstart... *drools*

Josh Burks

Jarod Wilson wrote:
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> Now I'm talking to myself, but hey...
> On Wednesday 16 June 2004 10:32, Jarod Wilson wrote:
>>On Wednesday 16 June 2004 08:32, Robert Kulagowski wrote:
>>>Is there something equivalent to a kickstart for RedHat, where the
>>>package choices are put onto a floppy or something like that and you
>>>only install what you need?
>>If I understand correctly, you're asking if Red Hat has a kickstart
>>facility, which I presume you're comparing with what Mandy has (please
>>correct me if I'm wrong). Red Hat most certainly does have a kickstart
>>facility, and has had it for years upon years. They used to ship a
>>ks-config utility for quite a while, which was superceded by
>>redhat-config-kickstart (and now
>>system-config-kickstart in FC2).
>>I use some lean and mean kickstart files for NFS installs of any and all
>>new servers at work. You can put a kickstart file on a floppy, on an NFS
>>server, on a web server, or what have you, pass a parameter at install time
>>(such as "linux ks=floppy"), and install completely unattended with an
>>incredibly trim package set, as defined in the kickstart file. Couple that
>>with a PXE-boot server, and you don't even need to put a CD or floppy in a
>>new machine to load an OS.
> I *really* ought to create a kickstart file people can download and use for FC 
> to build a Myth box. I could even install all the ATrpms stuff in the %post 
> section...
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