[mythtv-users] Zap2It needs our help

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Wed Jun 16 09:19:08 EDT 2004

According to the Zap2It web site, you can send requests to
feedback at zap2it.com to discuss using content in ways not covered by the
terms of service.

I'm not sure that they want people mirroring the content, but it would
certainly seem like a smart thing for them to do at this point.

I can see how they'd want people coming to their site to view the actual
content, but for automated downloads, I don't think they would care.

Maybe they could set it up so that you could only get the data from the
mirrors via redirection from their site. So, you'd go to their site, make
the request, and then it would redirect you to the mirror. The mirrors could
then run a script that would reject requests that weren't redirected.

In this way, they could control the mirroring and it would leave the control
with them, which may make them more willing to do something like this.

Just my $0.02.


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> To randomize is great and may help to spread the load on a particular pipe
> but eventually it will fill up.
> Perhaps we can use the kazaa idea and do a bit of distributed distribution
> of the updates by creating a few mirrors around the world.
> I am willing to setup a mirror on one of my systems and allow upload of
> the database during the times my traffic load is low for a number of
> users. If a few of us that have a little bandwidth to spare can team up we
> may keep Zap2it happier longer.
> Not knowing how Zap2it works or who to contact there perhaps someone with
> that info can get us in touch.
> Sergio
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