[mythtv-users] One machine for it all or Xbox frontend, and Program Guide outside US

Anders Lindgren dugdale at sm.luth.se
Wed Jun 16 00:29:43 EDT 2004


I'm about to set up a nice little entertainment system for my TV, and
MythTV seems to be the way to go. Some friends are using a modded Xbox to
view DVDs and play movies and music stored on their server. They are
satisfied with their solution, and while it seems to work fine, it does
lack some nice features such as (of course most notably) watching TV and
all the other things that MythTV adds.

I will go with a MythTV based solution, but I'm still not sure if it's
best to go for a solution with just a dedicated Myth machine (both front-
and backend on it) in my living room, or a Myth backend machine, and a
Xbox for the front end. As I see it, using a xbox system has the following
pros and cons.

* Since the machine running the backend won't be standing next to my TV,
but hidden away somewhere, I don't have to buy a fancy case that looks
good, but can go with anything (cheaper).
* The case will be bigger, so I can easily throw in more discs.
* For the same reasons as above, the noise level of the machine is less of
a problem, so I don't need to spend as much on silent cooling.
* Graphics and sound card... I assume I don't need as good graphics and
sound card for the back end machine if I run the front end on the xbox, is
this correct? Does the backend use that hardware for anything (like doing
hardware mpeg encoding or something like that)?
* If I for some reason would like to play an Xbox game, I have an Xbox to
play it on. :)

* Well, I would actually have to buy the Xbox.
* It seems like it might be harder to stay completely up-to-date with this
solution, and it might be harder to run any custom software that might be
* I have to have an Xbox next to my TV... People might think I support

Any opinions on this?

Also, another thing I was wondering about. I've seen the screenshots of
the Program Guide (which looks a lot like the TV Guide listings in the
US), and that seems really neat. Have I understood it correctly that I
should also be able to get program listings (that are compatible with
MythTV) in other countries (I'm from Sweden).



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