[mythtv-users] Mythweb bug - Apostrophe not handled

Joel Anderson myth at jobless.ca
Tue Jun 15 03:00:44 EDT 2004

> > There seems to be a problem in the search page with apostrophes too.
> All of this -- search and recorded programs page should be fixed in CVS
> (it looks to be so in my copy, and I'm up to date).  Please let me know
> if this is not the case.

Seems to work for me since upgrading to the 0.15.1 release.

> > the results show up there is an escape (backslash) in front of the
> > apostrophe, which you have to then manually remove to re-run the search.
> > Otherwise the escape gets escaped, and you end up with a lot of
> Sounds like you have magicquotes_gpc turned on, and are not allowing the
> .htaccess file to turn them off (or are using a version of apache or php
> that doesn't allow this).

You are correct, my apache was not configured properly for the .htaccess
file.  Much better now, thanks!


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