[mythtv-users] Extra functions in backend boc (UK Sky)

Andrew Cockburn andrew at cockburn.co.uk
Mon Jun 14 14:03:34 EDT 2004

Hi - just deployed my XBOX frontend and went live ! Cool software, 
thanks to all that have contributed :-)

I have a question - I use Sky in the UK, and it has a lot more detail in 
the EPG than I can get using Myth in the UK. Is it possible to pick a 
spare button on the remote and map it to send the right IR code (From 
the backend) to pull up the EPG ? I read a similar thread and the 
consensus seemed to be that you could use irexec to do this, problem is 
that my Ir reciever is on a different machine to the transmitter. Is 
there anything in mythtv that will help me with this, or must I cobble 
something together using remote shells and other stuff ?

Thanks for any answers,


Andrew Cockburn

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