[mythtv-users] Zap2It needs our help

Matt White whitem at arts.usask.ca
Mon Jun 14 01:37:56 EDT 2004

Chris Petersen wrote:
>>It's in the General setup in the frontend, fourth (last) page.  Check
>>the "Automatically run mythfilldatabase", and then fill in the settings
>>that appear...
> ahh, sweet, thanks.  Would have thought it would be under "TV".
> so all things considered, wouldn't it be best to set the default times
> to 1 -> 24?  So it runs randomly at some point during the day?  (could
> add code to the random such that it would never run less than 12 hours
> apart, etc)

Probably not a bad idea.  Currently, the housekeeping thread that kicks
off mythfilldatabase wakes up ever 5 minutes and checks to see if
anything needs to be done.  The frequency (in days) to run
mythfilldatabase is set on the setup page, as is the min/max time for
execution start.  It's not really random right now - it's kind of a
'walking' pattern.  For example, with a min/max window set to 01:00 to
05:00, and 1 one day run frequency:

The first run will be the first time the housekeeping thread wakes up
inside the min/max window.  Say it wakes at 01:02.  mythfilldatabase
runs until ~01:10, and the database is updated with the last runtime.
Next time (the next night), when the housekeeping thread wakes up at
01:02, it hasn't been a full day since the last run, so it goes back to
sleep.  Two wakes later at 01:12, all conditions will be satisfied and
it'll run.

If it becomes an issue, I can probably make it be more random (I did the
original housekeeping thread).  Right now I'm working on my DVB card...

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