[mythtv-users] nuvexport --sequence-length and auto-splitting

Ramon Redondo malinon at mchsi.com
Sun Jun 13 10:21:18 EDT 2004

I've been a big fan of using nuvexport to create SVCD images intended to 
fit on a CD-R.  However, I've always been manually tweaking bitrates 
until whatever I was exporting would fit on a single CD.  I would look 
at the file size and if it was too large, I would cut down the bitrate.

Well, slow as I am I finally noticed a few of things:

1)  mplex will automatically attempt to split a file based on the 
'sequence-length' used on the ffmpeg command-line from the previous step.
2)  nuvexport is setting this sequence-length to 795MB.
3)  Splitting of the file will fail if there is no '%d' in the title fed 
to mplex, leaving you with the max file size, and throwing out the rest 
of your video.

Is there a reason that nuvexport sets this sequence length so high?  Am 
I the only one still using 74 minute (650MB) CDRs?  I have an ancient CD 
burner which doesn't seem to work with larger discs. 

Would you have any objection to adding this as a configurable option 
(both in the menus and the command line)? 

It probably would be worth noting that the sequence size seems to be 
based solely on the video size, so 795MB plus a related 192kb audio 
stream would end up around 811MB.

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