[mythtv-users] Multiple backends, files where.

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Fri Jun 11 15:06:25 EDT 2004

Alexander Varakin wrote:

> Kevin Kuphal wrote:
>> Jesper FA wrote:
>>> I have a fileserver with a P4. Unfortunately it is in a place fare 
>>> from TV cables so I have setup a PIII-800 with a PVR 250 and a local 
>>> disk. Recording on the local disk works just fine. I have then also 
>>> installed mythtv on the fileserver. Is it possible to in mythtv move 
>>> the files to the fileserver or should I use nfs from the filesever. 
>>> I would prefer to use the local disk while recording. Should be less 
>>> chance of error. And then later move the file to the fileserver.
>>> Second I can transcode but this happens I guess naturally on the 
>>> PIII. I would like to have this happen on the P4 as it has more 
>>> power to spare.
>>> Is it possible to do this?
>> You have a number of options.  Probably the easiest is simply to 
>> NFS/SAMBA mount the disk space from your fileserver to the MythTV 
>> system and have it record to that folder.  No need to have MythTV on 
>> the fileserver itself since it will only be providing disk space.  
>> This will also make it easy for you in the future if you add more 
>> frontends or backends as they can all mount the same disk partition 
>> and save their files in the same place.
> What about mounting disk of PIII on P4 and encoding on P4?
> That way you don't have to record onto network drive but still use 
> power of P4 for encoding.
That would work provided the encoder card was in the P4 but he said that 
the P4 is nowhere near the TV cables


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