[mythtv-users] Sounds problems

qcs at cableone.net qcs at cableone.net
Thu Jun 10 19:59:39 EDT 2004

I posted a message a few days ago about a sound problem that I thought was
related to the NVIDIA driver. I have since found out that sound works with xawtv
so everything outside of MythTV is probably set up correct. I am using a patch
cable from the tuner card to the line in on the sound card but I now I have the
speakers plugged directly into the tuner card to eliminate any possible problems
between the tuner and sound card. All I can guess is that when MythTV activates
the tuner card it isn't turning on the line out. I've sifted through all the
MythTV setting several times and even combed through the database but I couldn't
find any setting relating to the line out of the tuner. Does anyone know if such
a setting exists or if there is some other problem that would cause this?

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