[mythtv-users] Old topic rehashed - X-less backend?

Joel Anderson myth at jobless.ca
Thu Jun 10 15:51:14 EDT 2004

> >When I moved the DB from the backend to my file server, I think I
> >just had to edit the mysql.txt file, and make sure the permissions
> >were set right.  I don't think I re-ran mythsetup.
> Hmm. Then something is evidently wrong with my perms (grant all on
> mythconverg to mythtv at mythtvbox identified by "mythtvpassword; was what I
> did IIRC), or it's looking for the wrong port or something. I'll delve
> the logs later.

I have seen where it doesn't resolve the name properly, and uses the IP
address instead.  I never looked into why, but just added another grant to
user at ipaddy so that it worked either way.



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