[mythtv-users] Diskless EPIA w/PVR-350 (was: Problems with theVIAKM400 chipset)

Simon Kenyon simon at koala.ie
Thu Jun 10 03:18:00 EDT 2004

On Thursday 10 June 2004 02:21, Kevin Barsby wrote:

> Have a look on www.mini-itx.com, there was a guy there who built his own
> Fanless EPIA 10KN using an old amplifier case and the heatsink with
> that.

i read it every day
i already have 4 different myth boxes
i would like to make my own so as to make a limited production run for family 
and friends
one off designs are nice but not very practical when i want to make a few
i have:
Chyang Fun MiniCube M
Travla 137
Cubid 2688
4U rack mount case

the 4U is he best from a noise/cooling point of view but is a tad ugly
the travla looks lovely but is too noisy/hot though shows the most promise
the chyang fun is way too noisy - the psu is not the best
the cubid the same - those little fans make a devil of a racket

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