[mythtv-users] Audio Authority 9A60 blank screen?

papenfuss at juneau.me.vt.edu papenfuss at juneau.me.vt.edu
Wed Jun 9 21:59:56 EDT 2004

> > Do you get anything at all?  Even in console mode before X starts?  You
> > should see at the very least, the VGA resolution screen.
> I don't see much myself, and a basic VGA resolution never worked either. I see 
> some rolling text from the BIOS, a brief hint of grub, some rolling text as 
> the kernel starts to load, then rhgb kicks in and everything's peachy.
	Standard VGA frequency is 480p, I believe, so it should work.  There's 
some ambiguity on the sync standard and polarity, however.  I think HDTV is 
defined to have bipolar sync, so I'm not sure how the A960 phonies that up.  
You might want to try a normal 640x480 at 60Hz modeline, but mess with different 
combinations of +vsync, -vsync, +hsync, -hsync at the end of the modeline.

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