[mythtv-users] Where can I find the lola remote drivers?

Chris quilley at shaw.ca
Wed Jun 9 19:58:57 EDT 2004

A while back someone posted about a wicked deal on the lola remote, which I 
took advantage of. Now I've got the remote and I can't find the drivers;)
Someone mentioned that they futzed with  the wish stuff to make it work with 
the lola driver and that it was really close to the ati remote driver and 
that they were going to combine the two and make the keys externally 
configurable. What ever happened with this? I'd prefer not to use the LIRC 
stuff, as this remote should show up as another keyboard just like the ati 
remote (I think) if it has the right  driver.

I'd really appreciate help on this because once I get it working I'll be 
sending info to cesman to get this incorporated into knoppmyth so everyone 
will benefit.



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