[mythtv-users] Audio Authority 9A60 blank screen?

Gaelons Gaelons gaelons at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 9 15:41:16 EDT 2004

I have tried the "The quick-and-dirty, might save you lots of time route" in 
Jarod's Guide(http://wilsonet.com/mythtv/mythhd.php).

I have the exact same ChainTech motherboard he uses, so I figured it would 

I see a completely BLANK screen on my Panasonic 32" 4:3 HDTV with the 
Jarod's XF86Config file.

Should I see something at all if the settings are NOT correct?

* I know the Component jacks on the TV work because I have plugged another 
external HDTV tuner in it before.

* I know that the QUALITY of the cable is not great (using just an old 
COMPOSITE cable for now), so I don't expect to see a perfect picture, but I 
expect I would see A picture.

* Yes, the 9A60 is indeed getting Power.

* Yes, the 9A60 has the cables properly hooked up to the VGA port and the 

* Yes, the 9A60 is plugged into the Component plugs properly.

* Yes, the HDTV is viewing the correct Component input.

I have tried hooking up the 9A60 to my existing ReplayTV's VGA port (and 
yes, with the VGA port enabled), but still a blank screen.

I have a feeling it is a bad 9A60, but I want to verify it before RMA'ing 
the thing.

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