[mythtv-users] Weird alsa problem

Chris Strom mythtv at eeeCooks.com
Wed Jun 9 07:54:16 EDT 2004

In alsamixer, `------' above a channel indicates that it can be captured
from.  Is there a `------' above the Line channel?  If so, you should be
able to select that channel, then hit space to capture from than

If there is no `------' (or `CAPTUR') above the Line channel, then you
probably have your alsa mis-configured, in which case, you should check
the alsa site for details on your card.

Hope that gives you something to work with,


On Tue, Jun 08, 2004 at 12:19:18PM +0100, Tom Wardill wrote:
> Hi.
> Just in the middle of setting my first mythtv box up using Gentoo.
> Have the program itself up and working fine, but I've hit a strange problem
> in ALSA.
> If I unmute the Line input on my soundcard using alsamixer (SB. Audigy) then
> I can here the tv input fine. However, I can't record it. I've tried using
> /dev/dsp and anything else I can find that looks relevant, but all I get
> through that is silence, if I turn the volume up really far, I can just
> about hear the program.
> This means that my mythtv recordings have no sound, but I'm not quite sure
> where the problem lies.
> I think ALSA is capturing from the wrong source, but I can't find a way to
> change it, pressing space on the source in alsamixer does nothing, I don't
> get the capture indicator.
> Following the mythtv guide and doing this:
> $ amixer set Master,0 100%,100% unmute
> $ amixer set Line,0 75%,75% mute captur
> $ amixer set Capture,0 100%,100% mute captur $ su # alsactl store # exit 
> Breaks on this line:
> amixer set Capture,0 100%,100% mute captur
> amixer: Unable to find simple control 'Capture',0 
> I can't seem to set the capture source. I'm using the gentoo kernel 2.6.5-r1
> and the latest alsa builds, I've tried both the ebuilds and the latest
> source packages from the official website.
> Can anyone offer any advice on what the problem might be?
> I've tied posting on the gentoo forums and googling for a solution, but I
> was referred to trying this list.
> Thanks for any assistance
> --
> Tom Wardill

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