[mythtv-users] Keybindings for usb remote

Bill Coghill bill at bcd.cx
Mon Jun 7 21:37:09 EDT 2004

I have a usb ir remote I have been using with Myth, but have run into a 
problem when mapping keys to suit the remote.  The remote acts as a usb 
keyboard with buttons generating single keypresses when pressed.  The 
problem is that the Vol + and Vol - appear in xev as Shift_L Up and 
Shift_L Down.

What I cannot work out is how to enter this into the keybindings table, 
as Shift_L Up or ShiftUp or Shift_LUp are accepted but don't work.

So the question is how to enter modifiers into keybindings.

Last option is remapping keys using xmodmap. :-(



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