[mythtv-users] mythfilldatabase and file switch

Mattias Quadt Mattias at msq-software.com
Sun Jun 6 15:58:33 EDT 2004

Iím trying to use televinken to grab TV listings.
When trying to pas the xml file to mythfilldatabase Iím getting errors.

This is what I do
I run televinken fetch_listing.pl
Converting the xml file to utf-8
recode latin1..utf-8 /mythtv/xmltv_listing.xml

After that I tried to fill the database
mythfilldatabase 1 -1 /mythtv/xmltv_listing.xml

the mythfilldatabase return
### bypassing grabbers, reading directly from file
Error in 3995:294: error occurred while parsing content
Updating icons for sourceid: 1
Adjusting program database end times...
0 replacements made.

Can some tell me what Iím doing wrong?

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