[mythtv-users] Crackling noise from sound card

Ryan Allen ryan at the-summit.net
Sat Jun 5 21:15:09 EDT 2004

Hi MythTV list,

    I just got .15.1 working on my SuSE 9.0 machine.  The ATI TV-Wonder
    simply worked right out of the box.  I had very little tweaking to
    do to get this stuff set up!

    Here are my questions:

    *  The sound from the cable feed is on constantly.  If I exit out of
       MythTV and leave the stereo on, I still hear all the sound from
       the channel I left the tuner on.  Any ideas?

    *  The sound is _HORRIBLE_.  It's like I have some sort of terrible
       grounding problem.  Every time I wiggle the mouse I heat more
       static.  Every time video changes on the screen (windows move,
       screen saver, move the cursor in MythTV) I hear "crackle,
       Crackle crackle, not to mention the persistent background
       "BUZZ".  I suspect it's because I have crummy hardware (cheep
       power supply and motherboard).  Is this normal?  How can I get
       rid of that?

     This was mostly an experiment with some old hardware to see if I
     can get it to work, and and see if it's worth spending the time to
     pursue.  I'm thinking of purchasing one of those totally silent
     PC's from DellOutlet.com.  They have pretty good systems (Dimension
     Desktop) with Gforce FX5200 with TV out for under $600.
     Has anybody had experience with these systems?  

     Thanks for the great support!

     -- Ryan


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