[mythtv-users] Can't cope with crowds or loud noise! PLEASE HELP

rowan crane aovi72 at dsl.pipex.com
Sat Jun 5 07:51:06 EDT 2004

stupidly didn't send this to the list...

Thanks for your reply

i've tried changing the volume levels in the recording profiles to no avail. 
having sat in front of the box for an hour with a stop watch i've noticed that 
the disruptions occur every 50-60 seconds, and last for 10-20 seconds. This 
then repeats ad nauseum...

I think i was wrong about crowds / many talking etc causing the crackling, it 
occurs when there is just a one person speaking etc - its just obviously a lot 
more obvious when theres a crowd cheering.

Given that the periods of crackling are predicatable, does anyone have any 
idea / things i can check / settings to change?

Any help greatly appreciated



Quoting Bruce Markey <bjm at lvcm.com>:

> rowan crane wrote:
> ...
> > Live TV or recordings from my PVR 250 don't seem to suffer loud sound - in
> the 
> > form of multiple people talking loudly / shouting, crowds cheering in sport
> or 
> > mixed music and dialogue - these all cause the sound to crackle - the
> crackle 
> > then passes as soon as the peak in sound does. This is of course currently
> > keeping the unit out of the living room.
> Have you tried going into Setup->TV Settings->Recording Profiles
> and lowering the audio recording volume level?
> --  bjm


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