[mythtv-users] PIP still broken

Coax coax at cornernet.com
Fri Jun 4 13:33:51 EDT 2004

I would think that given your ivtv version, that this is a problem with
ivtv, not with myth.

If you upgrade to the later 0.1.10-pre2-ckXX patches, I think you'll find
that PiP works a lot better.  (PiP wouldn't work in 0.1.9 with myth 0.14
giving me the same symptoms you got, but w/ the later revs, it came a
whole lot closer - tho still not 100% I don't think.)


Hope this helps,


> I just upgraded to Myth .15 and PIP still seems to be broken.  The
> frontend just stops responding when I select it from the OSD menu in
> live tv.  I am running a pvr350 and a pvr250 on kernel 2.6.5 and
> ivtv-0.1.9a.
> --Darren

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