[mythtv-users] component video on SDTV

papenfuss at juneau.me.vt.edu papenfuss at juneau.me.vt.edu
Fri Jun 4 08:17:59 EDT 2004

On Thu, 3 Jun 2004, Zombie X wrote:

> Hi, just subscribed to the list.
> I'm in the planning/parts scrounging stages of building my first HTPC and
> getting a new TV to replace the 10 year old clunker I'm watching now. It's
> main uses will be watching/recording over-the-air tv and playing dvds. Would
> I see any noticable improvment with component input over s-video, or is it
> really only useful for HDTV sets?
> (A bit OT but)what about a stand-alone DVD player or video game console with
> component out? Would that look much better than s-vid on an SDTV?
> I can save a good bit of money if I convince myself I don't need a set with
> component input.

	Component only helps with a hi-def signal.  My friend's TV has 
component in, but only 480i (i.e. SDTV).  I haven't priced TV's much so I don't 
know what the difference would be, but I'd be surprised if component makes much 
difference in a good quality set.  If you do go extra $$ on component, make 
sure it actually supports HDTV (480p is barely worth it... 1080i and 720p is 
what you want).  I haven't compared progressive-scan DVD players' difference to 
SDTV.  They're cheap enough now, so component (480p might not cost much more 
than plain svid) might be worth it.

	Without HDTV in the equation, go svid... it's the same signal.  Hell, 
for broadcast TV, it's composite.  

	So much for random thoughts... :)

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