[mythtv-users] RE: Solved audio problem with PVR-350

peter.martens at home.nl peter.martens at home.nl
Fri Jun 4 05:41:57 EDT 2004

> Why not put those in /etc/rc.local ? 

> Steve 

That is a great solution. Works perfectly. Thanks. My linux knowledge is still rather small, however installing MythTV makes it gain every day...I was still finding out how to make a linux startup script.

> I am also curious about playing aac-audiofiles in mythmusic. When I look in 
> mythtv-commits it should be added a time ago (and available in 0.15), but in 
> my case MythMusic doesn't see any aac files. 

Someone knows the secret about playing aac files in MythMusic. I Think it 's a great player but nearly my whole collection is aac... So I can 't really use it right now.
I saw something in CVS (mfd config file), but it looks disabled by default. Someone knows why? Is it still buggy, or incomplete or not working..?
I would like to hear.



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