[mythtv-users] osd test

Larry Matter mythtv2 at matter.net
Fri Jun 4 00:40:39 EDT 2004

> Hi all
> I made a simple OSD for mythtv. For lack of imagination I dont have a
> name for it at the moment.  Suggestions are welcome. Feel free to test
> it an comment on it.
> www.aldorf.no/mythtv
> Gerhard

I really like how it looks on your website.  I'm using this on an EPIA M
with the hardware decoding enabled, so the OSD is greyscale (only 16
colors too I think).  It is less impressive, but still very clean looking.
 The right-side fading is blocky (due to the restriced colors) but you
only notice it if the background is a solid bright color (like snow, for

I compared it to the visorosd theme and the visor osd has a little more
room for the description, but I prefer the location of your osd (bottom of
the screen) to visorosd's (top).  Yours is cleaner too (which I think is
the look you were going for).  Looking at the osd.xml file it looks like I
could change the visorosd location.  I would like the channel number
displayed as well as the channel name.  I also noticed that the
description is easier to read on visorosd.  I'm not sure if it's because
of the description background or did visorosd make the font bigger.

The channel change issue is there for almost all themes except blue
(didn't try default).  There is a commented out section of the visorosd
theme (in osd.xml, look for channel_number) that I think fixes this but
may cause other problems.  There was a whole discussion of this issue many
months ago, search on visor and channel and you'll probably find it.

Nice work.


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