[mythtv-users] Live TV green.

James Orr james at orrwhat.net
Thu Jun 3 13:17:26 EDT 2004

On Thu, 2004-06-03 at 11:59, Eric Hattemer wrote:
> Kevin Kuphal wrote:
> > Are you using V4L2?  I think I may have experienced the same thing.  I 
> > recently tried to upgrade my bttv drivers from the stock V4L versions 
> > to the latest V4L2 versions and when I did I would get a severely 
> > messed up screen until I changed the channel or adjusted the contrast 
> > slightly.
> >
> > Kevin
> Check the console and dmesg for closed captions or vbi messages.  TVTime 
> makes clear a bug in the bttv kernel modules where if it fails to read 
> the closed captions or XDS it goes black/red.  In TVTime you turn xds 
> and closed captions off.  In mythTV I didn't look around too hard, but I 
> couldn't find a way to turn those off, so I made a fifo ( mkfifo /fifo ) 
> and pointed the vbi device in the menu to that. 

The option to turn on/off closed captions is in mythsetup under the
general options.  While having closed captions enabled isn't *absolutly*
necessary for me, it is preferred because I have a friend who is hearing

Having closed captions enabled does indeed cause the screen to go
black/red when changing channels in live TV ... sometimes.  Oddly, it
seems to do it a lot less often when I uncheck the option for select to
change channels on the EPG.  I have not seen it go black/red on a

The above behaviour is much improved on 0.14. In 0.14 it would work OK
the first time you went to Live TV, but the second time it was red/black
and remained so for any subsequent live TV or recordings.  I had to
restart the backend to fix it.

I don't know if this is the same problem as the green tinting.  The
red/black is very obvious (there are no other colors on screen), whereas
the green tint is only very slight.

James Orr <james at orrwhat.net>

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