[mythtv-users] Sound Issues

Cyber Source peter at cybersource.us
Thu Jun 3 07:16:26 EDT 2004

I have the EXACT same problem, should say, had. Now I get no sound at 
all for live tv, and I have played with everything. This happened to me 
before on this box (with the sblive card) and something happened (or i 
did) that made it work, and I cant remember what that was. I have an 
onboard AC97 sound on this mobo that I am tempted to use and pull the 
sblive card out, but I wanted to keep the sblive because my onboard 
sound has no game port. I will probably yank that sblive card though 
because it is driving me nuts.

Derek Christensen wrote:

> Hi Micheal,
> Is your SBLive card an OEM version?  (And did you have it with your 
> old setup?)  I ask because I had similar problems and after 
> cross-referencing the model # on the card with a matrix on the 
> Creative site I found the my SBLive card in my Dell was a piece of 
> junk OEM version and that ALSA doesn't have drivers for.  I've heard 
> that certain Dell and Gateway computers (and maybe others) have this 
> type of card.  I  finally just removed ALSA and move back to OSS.
> Just a thought.
> Derek
> Michael J. Roeder wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I recently rebuilt my long-standing Myth installation due to a 
>> harddrive failure. This gave me the opportunity to rebuild as Fedora. 
>> I followed the Fedora instructions from the link on www.mythtv.info. 
>> I have a WinTV Pro TV card, and a SBLive! soundcard. I am using ALSA 
>> and .15 Myth.
>> My problem is Sound. I am getting the symptoms described all over 
>> this list as not having my input muted. I'm using a cable between the 
>> WinTV card into the AUX port on the SBLive. I have AUX set to MM and 
>> CAPTUR. I have Capture set to CAPTUR. I have the volume up on PCM, 
>> and the volume up on the Capture slider.
>> Xawtv proves that it is the AUX input that is the one I want. All 
>> works normal until I go to Watch Live TV, I get the double audio and 
>> when I exit Myth entirely, I still have sound. When I fire up 
>> alsamixer, I still show that AUX is at MM, and if I adjust the slider 
>> for PCM, the volume goes up and down! Toggling MM doesn't do 
>> anything, but toggling CAPTUR on Capture does. Muting the PCM also 
>> mutes the errant audio. aplay /dev/dsp gives me the double audio 
>> problem, too.
>> All of this seems really inconsistent to me. Any troubleshooting ideas?
>> Mike
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