[mythtv-users] How hot is your system?

Thomas Börkel thomas at boerkel.de
Thu Jun 3 06:49:55 EDT 2004


Stephen Longhurst wrote:

> I've got a 2.8Ghz P4 with Zalman flower cooler, Nvidia MX440, 1
> PVR-350, 1 PVR-250, a Nebula DigiTV, 2 HD's (80Gb + 120Gb) and an NEC
> DVDrw all in a Kanam Accent HTPC case.

Celeron 2.6, Zalman cooler, NVidia FX, 1 PVR-350, 1 PVR-250, 1 HD 
7200rpm, 1 DVD, 2 case fans, power supply with 2 fans.
The system is inside a cabinet, which has 2 fans in its back panel.

> The CPU runs at about 48 degrees Celsius normally. It goes up to about
> 55 when I start compiling stuff and I have seen it at over 60 when I
> tried to load it a bit for testing. I don't know what the case
> temperature is, but it never feels all that hot.

Depending on the room temperature (it gets warm in there on sunny days), 
I got the following, while the system is IDLE:

CPU: 49-57
MB: 41-48
HD: 39-45

When I stress the CPU (compiling takes 100% CPU time), then it can go as 
high as:

CPU: 68
MB: 51
HD: 49

This is awfully near the max temp. for this CPU (72) and this HD (55). 
But it runs stable.

> Does this sound like a reasonable temperature for the CPU?  It seems
> happy enough and isn't unstable at all, but like I said, I've never
> built a PC before.

Modern desktop CPUs tend to be very hot these days. I've already 
installed enough fans in the case and one of the best CPU coolers. Not 
much more I can do. I have a desktop case, I think (bigger) tower cases 
are better. Next time I will probably use a Pentium M CPU. This thermal 
power, that the desktop CPUs produce, is insane. And the current case 
standard ATX is not very good for this heat. Even Intel seems to become 
reasonable and will base future CPUs on the Pentium M design, not the P4 



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