[mythtv-users] mythweb and IE

Dan Morphis dan at milkcarton.com
Thu Jun 3 01:07:54 EDT 2004

Craig, I had this problem.  Drove me nuts.  I tracked it down to the 
"php_value session.save_path" entry in the .htaccess file mythweb has.  
As soon as I commented it out, the problem went away.


Craig Tinson wrote:

> am having a problem with mythweb on the wifes computer.. its 
> win98/IE6.. and when I go to *any* page on mythweb is gets all silly.. 
> it *seems* like someone has put a "meta refresh=0" header in there 
> somewhere.. but it ain't there.. but the page just keep refreshing 
> itself..
> everything works like on a dream on my machine.. Firefox 0.8/FC2 and XP..
> just wondering if anyone else is having this problem?
> Cheers
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